LicenseFortress Announces the ArxPlatform for VMware Cloud on AWS


Friday, 17 August, 2018

July 31, 2018

LOS ANGELES — LicenseFortress has announced the availability of ArxPlatform for VMware Cloud on AWS, making it easier for customers to manage Oracle licensing and compliance in virtualized and cloud environments. ArxPlatform, formerly known as LicenseFortress Discovery, allows for automated discovery of Oracle database installations and feature usage, and integrates seamlessly with VMware vSphere for automatic discovery of virtualized infrastructure.

With this new development, customers can effortlessly obtain a comprehensive inventory of their Oracle database environment. ArxPlatform also plays a vital role in LicenseFortress’ ArxSecure and ArxProtect offerings, providing Oracle software compliance and audit protection.

ArxPlatform, which starts at $100 per database per year, further enables the seamless deployment of solutions in both public and private clouds by VMware Cloud on AWS technology partners, without the need for modifications if solutions already work on-premises. Kristen Edwards, director of Technology Alliance Partner Program at VMware, emphasized the cost reduction, efficiency, operational consistency, and business value benefits that this solution brings to IT teams.

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